I Gave Into the Trend: Letter Boards

I’ve seen a ton of better boards posted online, and I follow an account on Instagram solely devoted to the boards and the endless possibilities of quotes. I’ve looked into prices for some before, and the ones I was looking at were $70-$100.

I’m still a baller on a budget, so I was wicked excited when I found one at Target yesterday on clearance for $8.00. (Keep in mind, I was only at Target because the library was closed for the holiday, because I regretted my decision to go there as soon as I walked in. It was packed.)


I had to rearrange a few things on my wall to hang it up, but thanks to my dad, I got it up this afternoon. I spent a good half hour yesterday twisting all 180 plastics characters off of the packs they came on, and today I had to figure out what my first quote would be. So in honor of baseball season starting this week, I chose my favorite quote from Fever Pitch. (It’s also in my Twitter bio.)

The only downfall I’ve encountered so far is that the pack came with a limited amount of letters, so you sort of have to plan out your quote and hope you have enough letters. I was going to do “It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball,” but I only got 3 B’s and needed 4, so I had to go to Plan B (haha). I also need to figure out a better organization for the little letters than just a Ziploc bag.

What do you think of letter boards? What would be some of the quotes you’d put up on one?


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