What I’m Obsessed With

what i'm obsessed with

USA men won gold in curling: As a country, we’re fourth in the medal count, and Team USA won two major gold medals this week. The first came in women’s hockey when the team defeated Canada in a shootout. (Congrats girls!) The second one came last night when the men’s curling team beat Sweden to win gold. #Miracurl

I watched curling in the 2010 winter Olympics, which started my weird fascination with it. I’m not a die-hard fan by any means, but I do enjoy watching it. And I do know a few of the rules.


This is one of my favorite times of the year. It means that baseball season is only a handful of weeks away, and I get to watch my favorite guys play again.

My Tweet of the Week:

What I’m Reading: “Ready for Wild” by Liora Blake. It’s the third book in one of her series, and I read the second book last fall and really liked it. The third book showed up on the new adult fiction section in my town library, so I grabbed it on Friday when I was there.

(But let’s be honest, I’m always at the library.)

What I’m Watching: Mostly the Olympics. Until around 9:00 p.m. when I go to bed because I’m secretly 70 years old. I think I’ve watched a little bit of everything, and I like watching curling, freestyle snowboarding and skiing, and I find the sledding sports—like luge and bobsled—interesting.

What I’m Listening To: When I’m at work, I always listen to podcasts. The one I regularly listen to is a local radio station—a classic rock station whose demographics I definitely don’t fit into—and since the morning crew was on vacation last week, they were playing old show clips. So I’ve been catching up on “Brunch”.

It’s a podcast featuring DJ Bean and Pete Blackburn, and I’ve started listening from the beginning, although they’ve been uploading new podcasts during the weeks. It’s hilarious. They talk about wicked random things—well, mostly Netflix shows, The Walking Dead, and Friends so far—but I love it. (Half of one episode was just DJ reading a Friend’s script.) Both are sports writers but didn’t want to do a podcast solely based on sports.

I highly recommend it if you love witty banter and random tangents.

What have you been obsessed with lately?

(I’m hoping to make this a weekly or every other week thing, depending upon if I’m up to date or hip on current events.)

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