Careful Kid, They’ll Break Your Heart

*Brushes four months of dust off blog* Hey, sorry about that. That’s what happens when summer meets grad school meets working full time meets working on the weekends.

I guess I’m only here to mourn the end of the 2017 Boston Red Sox season, which promptly ended today after, well, a really weird game. I mean weird like Sale and Verlander reliving weird. I tried my best to watch the games, and I think for the most part I watched the majority of the four games. Winning the East back to back for the first time in the organization’s history was great, but ending the season with the Astros only foreshadowed what was going to happen in the ALDS.

The Sox just didn’t have it all around. Pitching wasn’t the best, and none of the bats were really all that hot. Playing in the post-season is a completely different monster than the regular season, and it takes everyone being on the same page to succeed. The same thing happened in the post-season last year when they got swept by the Indians (who went on to the World Series).

The official end of baseball season, to me, isn’t until the final out of the World Series, so I’ve got a couple more weeks of baseball to watch. It’s sad that the Sox didn’t make it any further, but they accomplished a lot during the regular season that they can be proud of. The best moment for me was getting to see a walk-off home run in the 11th inning at Fenway in person.


That was my fourth Red Sox game, and it was definitely the best one yet. I’m planning to go back next year, and maybe 2018 will be their year.

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