Dear Post-Grad Me

(This may seem a little premature considering I’ve only been in post-grad for a year, but I don’t think it’ll hurt. This was an interesting letter to write for freshman year me, and I thought I’d write another one.)

Dear Post-Grad Becky,

The year after graduation is exciting and different and awkward. It’s a period of transition, and you might feel lost at times. It’s okay.

The “baptism by fire” you experience during your first summer at work will seem stressful but it makes you a better account manager. You learn how to balance clients and time, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll become in charge of the interns, and you’ll feel highly unqualified, but you make sure they enjoy their experience because you were once in their shoes. You’ll also get to do some cool stuff and go to some cool places, which makes you really like your job.

And calling clients becomes easier. Because they’re just people who want their business to be successful, and it’s your job to help them be successful.

You’ll start grad classes in the fall, and you’ll spend many weekends doing homework while scooping. Yes, you’re going to work two jobs and take two classes every session. Because you’re crazy, but it’s going to be worth it.

Don’t worry too much about your dating life. You do go on a few dates, but you’ll realize that you don’t want a relationship at the moment. It’s okay to focus on yourself.

Please take care of yourself. Take time to relax and don’t stress about things you can’t control. Watch Netflix, read, go take some pictures, write – anything that makes you happy.

You’re going to do great things during your first year after college. You’re going to feel like you’re too young to be taken seriously but that you have all of these responsibilities now that make you respected.

And don’t forget: treat yo self.

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