Trouble in Tuscaloosa

Oh Lane Kiffin. After a sub-par offensive performance in the College Football Playoff semi-finals on New Year’s Eve against Washington, Nick Saban announced Monday that Lane Kiffin would be leaving his position as offensive coordinator a game earlier than previously planned.

Why, you ask?

Because Lane Kiffin has the attention span of a goldfish and can’t balance more than two things at a time.

I know that sounds harsh, but I’ve never really liked Kiffin, even from the start. I groaned three years ago when it was announced he would be the new OC for the Tide.

Saban announced Monday that Kiffin would no longer be the team’s OC and that the agreement was mutual.

Last month, Kiffin was named the new head coach of Florida Atlantic University. Because he needs another shot at being a head coach. Because it’s gone so well the last three times. Just like we looked at Tim Tebow’s resume when he announce he was venturing into the world of Major League Baseball, let’s take a peek at Kiffin’s resume:

  • 1997–1998 Fresno State:
    • Assistant coach after giving up being a back up quarterback
  • 1999 Colorado State:
    • Graduate assistant
  • 2000 Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Quality control coach (aka watching game film)
  • 2001-2006 USC 
    • Tight ends coach, wide receivers coach, passing game coordinator, and offensive coordinator under Pete Carroll
  • 2007–2008 Oakland Raiders
    • Head coach (who finished with a 4-12 record and was fired over the phone by owner Al Davis)
  • 2009 Tennessee
    • Head coach (finished with a 7-6 record and students rioted when he left)
  • 2010–2013 USC
    • Head coach (dealt with the Reggie Bush situation but was fairly successful, except in 2013 when he was fired in an airport by USC’s athletic director)
  • 2014–2016 Alabama
    • Offensive coordinator (led Tide to one National Championship and was relieved of his duties before the 2016 National Championship Game)

His longest tenure was at USC (twice) and hasn’t necessarily left any job in good graces. Now he’s leaving Alabama to go to FAU, who has finished every season 3-9 since 2014. Why leave a great program where you’re the OC to go be a head coach at a sucky university? He just wants the title of head coach, but according to his resume, he’s never had success as a head coach.

But can we just talk about the fact that when he was with Alabama, he was left behind by team buses after the National Championship Game in January 2016, was locked out of spring ball at Bryant-Denny, and most recently was left behind by buses in Atlanta before the CFP against Washington last weekend. It’s pathetic, but it’s also so funny at the same time.

Part of me is happy to see him leaving, but then I’m reminded of who is taking Kiffin’s place: Steve Sarkisian, who has a resume as long as Kiffin’s, worked with Kiffin at USC, and has a slight alcohol problem. Cool. Saban hired Sarkisian at the beginning of this season as an offensive analyst, and he was set to take over for Kiffin anyway after this season, but we get to see Sarkisian in action earlier than expected.

I really hope this Kiffin move doesn’t hurt the Tide next Monday, who are set to rematch against the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship Game. I’m not pleased that we’re playing Clemson again this year, and I don’t want this to blow up in Alabama’s face. Because I need another National Championship t-shirt.

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