School’s Back In Session

Not for me.

For Johnny Manziel.

That’s right folks: Johnny Football has enrolled in classes at his “alma mater,” Texas A&M.

And fun fact for trivia night: He is a Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences major.

*Cue Parks & Recreation theme song*

I looked on A&M’s website for the RPTS major, and there are four major areas: Tourism Management, Community Recreation and Park Administration, Parks and Conservation, and Youth Development. For everyone’s best interest, let’s hope and pray his concentration isn’t Youth Development. He should not be allowed anywhere near the youth.

According to the calculations I did the other day, come December, he will be a 24 year old senior in college. That sounds like a real winner.

Sports Day reported that Manziel is taking online classes in LA, so he’s not even at College Station. How is everyone supposed to mock him now? At least he’s doing something productive, compared to what he’s been doing for the past nine months.

Maybe he finally realized that he will never be a professional football player and his career is a bust. Well, I mean, he can always pull a Tebow and hold a baseball work out (and end up signing a minor league deal with the Mets?). But it is a good thing Manziel went back and is getting his education, because we all know he didn’t go to A&M for their academics the first time around.

(This could also be his way of postponing that four game suspension he has from the NFL…)

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