This Week In… Tim Tebow Tries Things

Breaking news this morning (well I wouldn’t call it breaking but rather more… surprising?) said that Tim Tebow wants to pursue a career in professional baseball. Because being bad at just one sport isn’t enough.

According to ESPN, he’s apparently been working out for the last year, honing his baseball skills in a sport that he hasn’t played in 11 years. He last played in high school and was an all-state player his junior year. Whoop de doo. Just because you make all-state one year doesn’t mean you’re going to have a pro career.

I feel like this is just a phase because Tebow is bored. The man has had five jobs in the last six years:

  • 2010: Drafted by the Denver Broncos
    • Job: Mostly back-up for Kyle Orton
  • 2012: Traded to New York Jets after Broncos signed Peyton Manning
    • Job: Essentially useless sideshow
  • 2013: Signed with the New England Patriots for two years; released
    • Job: Pre-season joke
  • 2013: Hired by ESPN on SEC Network*
    • Job: College footbal analyst
  • 2015: Signed with Philadelphia Eagles for one year; released
    • Job: Bench warmer

*He continued to act as an analyst during his rather short times with the Pats and Eagles.

That reads for a horrible resume, even without mentioning his numbers (2010-2012 regular seasons: 47.9 passing percentage, 17 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 14 fumbles, and 41 sacks). He has informed his current employer, ESPN, that he is taking his talents to the baseball diamond but will still fulfill his analyst obligations to the network.

Tebow has sent out handwritten invitations to all 30 MLB clubs (not really, though) as they are all invited to Tebow’s workout at the end of the month. They have to send in their RSVP cards and their meal choice, and if they are bringing a plus one. There is a hotel where they can reserve a room; just ask for “Tebowie“.

It just so happens that his workout right before teams have their 40 man rosters for September. Maybe some desperate team will sign him, but no one has actually seen him play baseball, except if you happened to go to his high school in the early 2000s. Or apparently the Los Angeles Dodgers, who let Tebow have a tryout before this season.

All of this seems ridiculous to me. Hopefully no MLB team will be dumb enough to sign him. He’d fit in better with some independent league team who can have a field day with promotions.

Like he’s not even close to Bo Jackson. You have to have good numbers in both sports; just not horrible numbers in one. And Tebow had so much trouble with passing the football, so why go to the sport where half of it is throwing?


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