I Get Back In The Game (Sort Of)

So, as most of you probably know (well those who used to read my blog last summer), I was in a relationship and then we broke up two weeks before my senior year. Ten months later, I’m much more stable and have moved on – which is something I never thought would come. Two girls I work with and I went to a club Friday night in Hartford, and I learned that it’s not necessarily my cup of tea. I mean, I had fun, but after a while, I’m not for dancing with random guys. Take me to a sports bar and I’ll be happy.

So I figured what would be the harm in joining Tinder (again)? After one day, I’m already over it.

Sure it’s nice to get matches and know that some guys don’t think I’m repulsive, but it’s the creepy messages that get to me. Like what makes you think I’m going to reply to some cheesy pick up line?


There’s one guy that messaged me about the Red Sox, so I’ve been messaging him on and off, but other than that, I’m like, why am I on here again?

My other favorites are the guys who ask you what you’re looking for two messages into the conversation. Well I appreciate the directness, but I know that I’m never going to meet you and this conversation has been going no where since you first messaged me, so yeah, not you.

Maybe deep down I’m still bitter, but I know I won’t meet my next gentleman suitor on Tinder. I’m still trying to figure my life out after moving back home and starting a full time job. I’ll see how the next few days go, but honestly, dating is the last thing on my mind.

Sophomore year when I met my ex, I was just doing my own thing and we happened to cross paths again (I originally met him my freshman year). I’m hoping that will happen again, because it’s less work that swiping left or right and anticipating a creepy message.



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