Week 14 Check-in!

As I write this, I have two weeks left as an undergrad. If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is. Follow me through the next two weeks as I fall into denial and do everything I can not to graduate.

Classes aren’t that bad. I have three major projects: a 12-15 page paper for Senior Seminar, a 10-20 minute voice over PowerPoint for online Principles of Marketing, and a 6-8 page literature review on gender for Language in Communication. I finished the Seminar paper last week, I just have to go back and do revisions and make a PowerPoint for the corresponding presentation. I’m planning on recording the Marketing PowerPoint Thursday afternoon, so I don’t have to worry about that come the last week of classes. I just started reading my research for the Language in Communication paper, but I’m not too worried about it since it’s only 6-8 pages.

I’ve been applying to jobs, and so far not so well. I’ve applied for about 15 jobs and heard back from 4 with no’s. I’d rather hear back and have them say no then not hear back at all. My parents said that it’s okay if I don’t find a job right away, and they won’t kick me out. Hey, thanks. Hopefully I’ll hear some kind of good news soon.

MB croppedLast week was Mortar Board induction for the new group of children (yes, I call them children). I was on the E-Board of this year’s group, and it was such a great experience. It’s a senior honor society, so I was only in it for my senior year, but we were able to fund raise and help out in the community. We have our last big event, The Last Lecture, tomorrow night, and then next week, we’re meeting with the new inductees and basically hand over everything we have to the new E-Board.

Shout out to Marshall’s for the $13 dress!

Formal was last Friday, and you can check out my last post for pictures! It was so much fun, but I honestly couldn’t wait to get back and dive into bed. I ended up going home Saturday and Sunday, although I wasn’t planning on it. I didn’t have much to do at school, and I didn’t have to work, so it was nice to go home and just hang out with my dogs.

The weather’s been so nice here in New England! For once! It’s dress and romper weather, and I couldn’t be happier. I went to a WNE baseball game last week (by myself because I have no friends at school that like baseball), and it was nice to go to game since I hadn’t been to one since sophomore year. This kind of weather just makes me happy, and I think it’s pulled me out of the rut that I was in for a little while.

Thursday will mark one month until graduation. I bought my cap and gown the other week and picked up my tickets. My parents are coming along with my uncle and godmother (who’s been friends with my mom and uncle since they were kids). Last year’s graduation was about 3 hours, but my class is a little bigger, so hopefully it won’t be too long. At least it’s inside and won’t be outside in 100 degree heat, like my high school graduation.

I’m working a short story and fingers crossed I can post it later this week. It’s a little longer, but I really like the two main characters and maybe in the future can write some more! But I did start writing for the Odyssey, check out my first article here!

How has everyone’s semesters been going? For those of you in New England, have you been enjoying the weather?



    • For the last week or so it’s been 65-75 and sunny. Mother Nature up here can be tricky, but it’s so nice to actually have spring weather for once!

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      • Sounds pretty nice! I’d rather take that over this Arizona weather, it’s better baseball weather haha. Hopefully this summer won’t be too bad, it’s my first summer in Arizona, tomorrow’s actually marks 6 months since I moved from Michigan.

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      • It’s such baseball weather and it’s great. It won’t hit 90 until July/August, but I still hate it. Why did you move to Arizona? I don’t think it would be for the weather haha

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      • Well, my parents moved down here, and so I was pretty much forced to go along (being only 16, 17 in a month). They came down to get out of the Michigan snow, plus they loved the Arizona mountains.

        It was hard for me at first. I had to make big changes to my college plans (I was in a program at Eastern Michigan University called the Early College Alliance that allowed me to take college classes while completing high school. It is similar to dual enrollment, but much harder). But I was able to exit Michigan with a high school diploma and 32 college-level credits. And I had to leave my Tigers.

        But I enjoyed being here as time went on. Spring Training lets me watch so many other teams that I couldn’t see by watching whoever the Tigers were up against. And baseball is pretty much year-round… except for when the weather gets above 110 haha.

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      • That’s so cool you were in that program and you already have 32 college credits. I don’t know of any programs around here that are like that but in high school I had friends who took AP classes and got a few college credits. I took an easy senior year so no AP classes for me haha. What are you looking to major in at college?

        I’m sure it was an adjustment but there’s a way to find the positive in everything. At least you can go to Cactus League games and baseball year round is awesome. The darn snow here in New England prevents that haha.

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      • The program at EMU was definitely one of a kind, as a lot of programs are similar but require some kind if tuition, I got all my 32 credits free. The classes were with real college students, so I made my classmates pretty jealous when I made the mistake of telling them about free college haha.

        Anyways, I’m majoring in Economics, though I am also thinking about website development as a career option. I’ll be taking a few classes at my community college till I get my Associates in Business, then I’ll transfer to Arizona State University for get my Bachelors in Economics. By then I should be at a ripe age of about 19.

        I can still remember the first time I walked into my first college class, it was a great feeling. I never would’ve thought that I’d be finishing school in Arizona!

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