red soxThe only joy I have left in my life is back: baseball. And all was going well until Mother Nature decided to dump 5 inches of snow in New England and some regions to the west today.

The Astros/Yankeess game was postponed today until tomorrow at 1:00pm and then I got the worst notification ever: Red Sox at Indians has been postponed. I’ve waited five months for baseball, and now I have to wait another day?! Are you serious? Baseball Gods, what did I do to deserve this?

However, yesterday, I soaked in all of what ESPN’s triple header had to offer. Cardinals/Pirates at 1:00pm, Jays/Rays at 4:00pm, and Mets/Royals at 8:30pm. I didn’t leave the couch all day, except to go to the bathroom and eat. I was pretty content in the living room all by myself because I have no friends at school to watch baseball with.

Yesterday, I saw a pitcher have the first RBI of the season (Pirates’ Francisco Liriano, who used to suck when he played with the Twins), found my new love for the season (Rays’ outfielder Kevin Kiermaier), and witnessed history as the two teams from the World Series played each other on Sunday Night Baseball (Royals won, of course). It wasn’t too shabby, but I’m disappointed I can’t watch baseball for most of today. ESPN is showing the Mariners/Rangers game at 4:00pm and the Dodgers/Padres at 7:00pm.

Honestly, it’s awesome to know I can watch baseball at night when I’m “doing” homework (it’s senior year, like I’m actually doing work #senioritis). It just makes me really happy, and baseball has been something that’s always been there for me, no matter what. So maybe I can use today to catch up on some work before Opening Day 2.0 tomorrow afternoon.

How is everyone enjoying Opening Day?

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