This Week in Sports: 2/21-2/27

Sunday 2/21: Ex-Cowboys RB Joseph Randle arrested for fifth time in 17 months.

That might be new world record, someone get this man a medal. Oh wait, handcuffs would work just as well. Randle was arrested Sunday in Kansas on charged of aggravated battery, possession of hallucinogens/marijuana, and criminal damage to property. His bond was set at $100,000. This is only icing on the cake for Randle. Do not pass go and collect $200: go straight to jail.

Earlier this month (February): he was arrested on an outstanding warrant when he stopped by his ex-girlfriend’s home at 3:00am and the residents of the household turned him away and called the cops. Cops were then like, “Oh, hey, you have an outstanding warrant… for the crime you were arrested for in November.”

November 2015: he was arrested on suspicion of criminal threat, assault of a law enforcement officer, battery, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and interference with a law enforcement officer after an altercation at a Kansas casino.

February 2015: he was arrested for a domestic disturbance complaint, however police declined to pursue charges.

October 2014: he was detained on a shoplifting charge in a Dallas area mall when police he said he tried to take a bottle of cologne and a pack of underwear from a department store.

The Cowboys released him after the third arrest (hey, third time’s a charm). He was suspended four games by the NFL under the league’s personal conduct policy, just one week after the Cowboys kicked him to the curb. This dismissal was partially due to involvement in sports gambling, although he denies the allegations.

Jerry Jones is running a literal circus down there in Dallas. He’s already got Greg Hardy down there, too, and hey, add Manziel and you’ve got 2/3 of the Three Stooges.

Monday 2/22: Shortstop Jimmy Rollins reaches minor league deal with White Sox.

I know J-Roll is old and everything, but I hate when well-known players get signed to minor league deals. It’s good that he did sign somewhere, but who knows if he’ll make it up to the majors; hopefully he will. He struggled with the Dodgers last year, hitting .224 with 13 home runs and 41 BI. He was 5th among NL shortstops with a .983 fielding percentage.

Rollins is a three-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove winner with the Phillies and won the 2008 World Series in Philadelphia. The 37 year old will compete with Tyler Saladino, who played 11 games at SS as a rookie last year. I think that Rollins believes he has a few good years left in him, but we all can’t be Jeter.

Tuesday 2/23: RG3 is going to get the boot from the Redskins.

This had been at the top of the NFL rumor mill for a while now, and finally someone, the Redskin’s president, Bruce Allen, let the cat out of the bag. Washington is able to release Griffin, well they actually could have the since the day after the Super Bowl. However, they held onto him in hopes someone would trade draft picks for the 26 year old, who hasn’t been the same since his ACL/LCL sprain in 2012.

Allen believes that Griffin will have an opportunity with another team. Who that other team is, well, no one knows. The Browns are going to need a QB after they drop Johnny Football in March, Brian Hoyer is sucking down in Houston, and Peyton might retire?

Better spice up your resume, RG3.

 Wednesday 2/24: Kyrie Irving got bit up by some bedbugs at a Hilton.

The Cavs guard said that he was bitten by bedbugs during a weekend stay in Oklahoma City. He only played nine minutes on Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder; the team originally blamed flu-like symptoms, but Irving later said he wasn’t feeling well after discovering bedbugs on a pillow. He chose to sleep on the couch and only got a few hours of Z’s.

The hotel and the Oklahoma City-County Health Department called it an isolated case and said the room is being treated. On Tuesday, Terminix posted an offer to Irving and the Cavs on its Facebook page.

Irving said he felt better Monday; the Cavs lost 96-88 to the Pistons, although Irving scored a team-high 30 points.

Thursday 2/25: Duke guard is seen tripping a second opponent in a month.

Guard Grayson Allen appeared to intentionally trip Xavier Rathan-Mayes of Florida State during the Blue Devil’s 80-65 win over the Seminoles. According to ESPN,

In video of the game broadcast, Allen is seen stretching his left foot backward near midcourt as Rathan-Mayes begins to break upcourt behind him in the game’s final seconds. Rathan-Mayes runs into Allen’s leg and stumbles to the court.

Allen then turns to Rathan-Mayes with outstretched arms, his palms facing upward.

Allen claims that Rathan-Mayes was playing physical, and as he was walking away, Rathan-Mayes grabbed him and they ended up falling together.

On February 8th, Allen tripped a Louisville Cardinal and was called for a flagrant foul; in Thursday’s game, Allen wasn’t called for any foul. The ACC is looking into the most recent incident, and Allen could face punishment, either public or private, or even a suspension.

I feel like tripping is frowned-upon in all sports; it’s a minor action but completely unnecessary if it’s done on purpose. Let’s follow the simple rules of any roller coaster: please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

Friday 2/26: A bunch of guys ran 40 yards much much faster than I will ever be able to.

Today was the first day of the NFL Combine in Indy. This is sort of the Dog Show for the NFL: they can see players prance and run around the field showing off their best talents. It sets up mock drafts before the real one in May, and it also makes me realize that I’m the furthest thing from an athlete.

An offensive lineman ran the 40 in 4.85 seconds. An o-lineman. I used to cook for one, and I know they don’t “run”; it’s more of a trot.

My boy Derrick Henry ran a 4.54 40 along with 22 bench press reps at 225 pounds. Here’s to hoping he goes high in the draft.

Here’s a list of Day 1 results from the Combine!

Saturday 2/27: Steph Curry did basketball things – again.

He’s practically the poster-boy for the NBA right now (and his daughter is adorable!). Last night in a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Curry broke one NBA record and tied another.

He held the previous single-season record of 286 3-pointers, which he set last season; he now has 288 3-pointers this season, and there is another month and a half of the season. In last night’s game, he made 12 of 16 3-point attempts, tying for most 3s in a game, a mark held by Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall.

In dramatic fashion, his final 3-pointer came with 0.6 seconds left in overtime to give the Warriors as 121-118 win. Then Twitter almost broke.

Past and present NBA stars shared their shock and awe for the 27 year old point guard, including Magic Johnson, Bron-Bron, Scottie Pipen, Dwayne Wade, and Damian Lillard.

On the season, Golden State is 53-5.

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