Back to School Shopping

Since I’m heading into my senior year, I pretty much have everything I would need for school. I normally pick up some new pens or highlighters before each school year or little things I might need for my desk. I did need a few big things this year, like a new pillow and another egg crate for my bed.

I’m also really excited about my new babies:

I desperately needed real running sneakers. Since I started running last fall, I was using my Nike Frees that I already had for a year prior. I also wore them to work, so being on my feet almost for five hours scooping ice cream, they have seen some better days. After doing some research, I found a pair of Asics that would be such an upgrade for me. Those are the pair on the right. They have gel in the heel, so I’ll be cushioned when I run plus I’ll have more support than my old ones.

And since my old Nikes were going to be two years old in the fall, my mom bought me the pair on the left so that I’ll have regular sneakers for around campus and running errands and such. I was going to get a black pair, but then I saw this blue and mint pair and fell in love. They are so light-weight and comfy, and they’ll be great for campus when I’m running from class to lunch to work to meetings.

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