The Countdown Begins!

Today officially marks one month until I move in for my senior year. Yikes! It’s so scary to think about it being my last ever move in day, and I can only imagine how hard it will be to move out in the spring.

I’m already quite an organized person, but this year, I’m really hoping I can get my act together and keep track of everything without overwhelming myself. Two years ago, I bought a big white board that has a calendar on it, so I’m able to use it on a monthly basis to keep track of classes, exams, projects, work, and meetings. I always carry a planner with me during school, and this summer I decided to get a Vera Bradley one since it’s a little smaller than the other ones I used to get at Staples. I’ve already gotten a head start on using it for the month of August so I can carry it with me in my bag while I finishing up my last month of my internship and work (plus plans for the beach and to see Will!). For my birthday in May, my parents got me a Microsoft Surface, which I can use to take notes in class and it’s lightweight enough that I can carry it around with my in my backpack all day.

I’ve also had to start planning out my first few weeks back, which stresses me out a little, knowing that I have to fall back into the school routine. I’ll come home about every other weekend to work ice cream, and I’m doing what I did last year and planning it around football home games. Although Will isn’t on the team anymore, I still know some guys that play and still want to go and support them. I also want to get a few of my friends and go down to see Will coach a high school game. He’s the assistant-whatever coach; he floats wherever they need him.

I’m excited to spend the year with my roommates, three of which I lived with last year and two new girls. There’s going to be six of us in a townhouse, and I hope to enjoy every moment in between running around to classes and meetings and everything else.

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