I found out at about 4:00pm that today was National Puppy Day, and although I just left my dogs yesterday, I miss them. So here’s my short little blurb about my dogs and how much I love them.

Being an only child, I’ve always considered my pets my “siblings” growing up. We always had a dog in the house (plus a cat but that’s beside the point), so I’m a huge dog lover. The two I currently have now are the loves of my life, and if I could take them to school with me, I would.

As shown above, Maggie (on the left) is a two year old German Shepard mix, and Sadie Mae is a six year old Golden Retriever. They’re two peas in a pod, and it’s hard to not play favorites. Maggie wasn’t planned – my parents went to Pet Smart to get a bed for Sadie and instead of the bed, they came home with Maggie. They’re pretty much opposites: Sadie is more “elegant” and “majestic” (as my mom puts it) while Maggie is more goofy and rambunctious.

My mom sends me pictures of them every other day while I’m at school, which makes me miss them more. After being away for a month and a half, I was so excited to go home for spring break and play with my puppies (yes, I call all dogs “puppies”). When I got home, the two of them greeted me at the door and wouldn’t leave me alone for a good five minutes, wiggling and jumping and whining.

There’s just something about love from a dog that seems irreplaceable. Being away from my “siblings” is hard, but I know that they’ll always be waiting for me.

(Plus National Puppy Day should be every day because that would make the world so much better. And happier).

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