Being 5’2″

I think this is one of the flaws of all of us being internet friends and never actually meeting in person: I don’t know how tall any of you are. And no one knows how tall I am.

Let the record show that I am 5’2″. I’ve been that height probably since high school. I definitely didn’t go through any growth spurts. My mom’s side is tall; my grandfather was incredibly tall and my uncle is around 6 feet tall. Meanwhile, my dad’s side is on the shorter/average height side, and we all think I got my height from my dad’s side.

Part of my office wardrobe—when I’m actually going into work—include heeled boots and sandals, so I get a few inches of manufactured height. But it’s a weird feeling when I take them off and go back to my normal height.

I’ve always wanted to be a bit taller, maybe around 5’5″ but I’m not sure what benefits that would bring me. Maybe I could buy regular length pants instead of petite pants? Or would be able to reach things better? Would my quality of life increase because of being a few inches taller? We may never know.

What It’s Like Being 5’2″:

  • It wasn’t until late high school/early college that I realized—or found out—that jeans can come in different lengths. I obviously buy the short or petite styles, but sometimes those are even too long.
  • I have the benefit of wearing heels without feeling weird, not to say that tall girls can’t not wear heels. You do you, girl.
  • I have to adjust my driver’s seat so that I’m close enough to reach the gas and brake pedals but not too close to the steering wheel and airbag.
  • I’ve climbed on the kitchen counters plenty of times, much to my parents’ dismay.
  • Sleeping in a twin size bed has never been a problem.
  • I’m weirdly good at navigating my way through crowds. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m little and can squeeze through crowds.
  • I’m so used to everyone else being taller than me and it’s rare to find someone shorter than me.

How tall are you? Do you like your height? What are the pros and cons of being your height?


  1. I’m 5’7ish? Maybe 5’6.5″ haha! I’m good with my height! I like it! I do like to wear low heels, 1.5inche-2? Just something that adds a little pep to my step but then I feel like a GIANT at work haha!

    I do like when the guy I’m dating is taller than me so sometimes that’s an issue LOL I asked once how tall a guy was before a first date because I like to plan out shoes! And he’s all “tall enough for you” like um ok thats… I just wanted to be comfortable and not tower over you… ugh but then I also maybe pass over some guts because they are shorter than me 🤭🤭 oopsies

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  2. I’m also 5’2″. At this point in my life, I just laugh when short jeans are too long on me and cropped jeans fit me like normal jeans. My husband’s favorite part of me being short is watching me hang over the washing machine to retrieve the clothes at the bottom. 😅 We just gotta make it work!

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  3. I’m 5’10.” For the longest time, I thought I was 5’9”, but they added the inch when I went to my doctor for a physical a couple years ago, and I was irrationally excited. It felt like I was regular height and not short.

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  4. I’ve never had issues with my height. It was only in my twenties that I found out that I’m tall for a woman. I am 1.7 meters (5 foot 6 round about), and my husband to be is only about an inch taller than me.

    All the best, Michelle (

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  5. It’s interesting what a difference two inches can make–I’m 5’4 and have never felt particularly short. I have long limbs proportionally so I’m fine with reaching things and don’t wear petite sizes most of the time. But I’m also comfortable in high heels and know many people taller than me. I’ve been called small but it always feels like a reference to my size vs my height.

    That said, I feel like they do not publicize jeans of different lengths enough!! They’re just in there among each other and we are just supposed to know what all the numbers mean??

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  6. Short girls unite!!! I am 5’3 & have learned to love it. I always wanted to be taller but then I couldn’t use ‘i’m to short’ as an excuse for anything.
    As for the climbing on counters, that is my go to & I will never stop, I probably do it minimum once a week.
    Jeans – I honestly had no idea they came in different lengths until like last year, i always just rolled them if they were too long, but I have come to the conclusion it’s why I can’t find jeans I like often.
    Also, wayyy to many heels/booties that don’t get enough wear out of them, but as a short person we can use that as an excuse to always buy some!
    But honestly all your points are so dead on!

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