Adult Injuries

I woke up on Friday morning with an incredibly stiff neck. Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve had what I consider an “adult injury”.

I remember getting a little bit of a sore neck when I was younger if I slept funny. But it would go away after a while.

I’m on day four of my neck seizing up.

In August 2017, my entire back seized up over night and it was so bad my mom had to pull me up out of bed. I spent that entire day sitting on the heating pad and had to call out of scooping because I obviously couldn’t scoop ice cream. I stayed out of work that next day, a Monday, and went to the chiropractor. (I go every month for adjustments, and my chiropractor was able to help with the pain.)

Then last fall, I had a back spasm appear out of no where, just before I was going to bed. At first I put the heating pad on it, and then my mom Googled how to treat back spasms, and apparently heat makes it worse. It’s better to ice the area. I went to the doctor the next day and got muscle relaxers, and it went away in a few days.

Now I have a neck issue. I went to work on Friday but left early around 1:00 p.m. I brought one of our many heating pads with me, but it was just uncomfortable. I spent the entire weekend with a heating pad and stretching. It was the worst in the morning after I got up, because it had all night to seize back up again.

I went to work today with my heating pad again and used it for a few hours. It’s a lot better now, so I’m hoping I’ll be better by Wednesday. At my old job, I used a monitor stand to raise my monitor up so I wasn’t always looking down. I have a 27″ Mac now, so I just tilt the screen up a little bit. My computer at home, though, is a Mircosoft Surface, so I do have to look down more than I should.

I’ve never broken a bone—knock on wood I don’t in the future—so I guess these are the kinds of injuries I’m stuck dealing with. At least I won’t have to go to the chiropractor for this.

Do you get “adult injuries”? How often? If you don’t get them, give me all of your medical secrets.

PS: I know I’m incredibly behind on reading posts and commenting, due to me being on the couch all weekend (and not being able to run 😦 ). I’m hoping to catch up tonight and tomorrow night!


  1. I get adult injuries all the time! In September I was checking my blind spot while switching lanes and I couldn’t turn my neck for a few days and had to have a chiropractor fix it haha!! Getting older sucks

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    • Haha thanks! It’s better now but it was so uncomfortable over the weekend. I’d understand if I actually did something weird to cause it but I hate how it’ll just start up out of nowhere, especially after I wake up.

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  2. This made me laugh because I have a back ache from accidentally falling asleep on the floor yesterday for less than 10 minutes! I remember sleeping on the floor as a child all the time (I had a bed, I promise). Now I can’t even lay on it for 10 minutes! LOL.

    I get those neck aches every few years too. I can’t get them to go away without a muscle relaxer. I hope yours is better soon.

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    • I don’t get how kids can just bounce back from everything and once you hit a certain age, some small injury or tweak throws you off for a week. My neck is better, thankfully. Just a lot of the heating pad, advils, and a few stretches/exercises my chiropractor told me to do the last time this happened.

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  3. I was warned, prior to turning 30, that that was the point when suddenly the body stops working the way we’re used to. And I scoffed. But it’s true. Ever since I turned 30 (many years ago now), things have been popping and cracking. Sitting for too long causes pain. Standing for too long causes pain. There is no win.

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  4. I don’t think I get adult injuries. Normally if I have neck pain it’s because I also have a headache. Other than that, I guess my legs crack sometimes when I get up from sitting too long, but that’s been happening since I was younger.

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  5. Omg my back is sore aaaaall the time. It really just feels like I need to crack it, so it’s not that bad. A massage would probably fix it. But I’ve definitely noticed a lot more random aches and pains that come and go as I’ve aged. I guess this is adulthood??

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    • Have you thought about going to a chiropractor? I go monthly for regular adjustments for my upper and lower back and it helps. If I sit too long, I can feel my lower back get tight and feels like I need to crack it, which I do. (Along with most of the rest of my body.)

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