The Longest Three Day Work Week Ever

You’d think that having 11 days off from work over the holidays would leave me feeling recharged and happy and all that fun stuff. And I was pretty relaxed—I mean, I did just hang around the house:

(I’m also noticing the grammar error in the last bullet point. This is why we can’t have nice things.)

I went back to work on Wednesday, and it was a lot of “Happy New Year!” and “How was your break?” which I’m cool with, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think I was mentally prepared to work again. It was pretty slow before we left for break, and everyone is kind of in the same boat—getting back into the swing of things and answering emails. (I came back to no new emails but three voicemails; two were alerts that the campus lost power—I also received texts and calls to my cell phone about that—and one was from an outside vendor and was an automated message.) So we were all looking forward to today because TGIF, right?

I spent all of last night catching up on ~three days of missed posts and comments. I felt bad that I was behind and not replying in a timely fashion. I had previously skimmed some of the posts on my phone, but it’s hard for me to comment on there, so I have to wait until I’m at my computer. So if you think I missed a new post of yours, drop it in the comments.

This was not a regularly scheduled post. I just wanted to word vomit for a second or two. We didn’t have the start to the new year that we wanted in my house because of something unexpected, so it’s just trying to get over that hump.

In addition to any miscellaneous posts, you can drop something funny or something nice that you read/saw/experienced in the comments. I also know I’m tardy to the party on this one, but you have my permission to go make some friends over at The Captain’s Speech. Paul is holding an online social mixer for bloggers, but I’m not 100% sure about the snacks/drinks situation.


  1. Hehe you are giving your blessing for us to go to Paul’s blog? He must have messed up!

    I was hoping for a nice relaxing “get back into the groove of things before school starts up” week at work and I walked into a crazy place! An extra student living at my house (I now have 4 not 3) and the kid’s aunt is sick and in the hospital since the 26th, the cleaner is doing 6-weeks in Jamaica so she’s gone (I knew this before) the cook has the flu, so I’ve been trying to get the house decent since Wednesday lol in addition to trying to give attention to my babes that I just spent 2 weeks away from and who have lots of Christmas stories to tel and new toys to show me. I did two days and had my day off today and I was so happy I wasn’t asked to go in and offer extra support today. *dies quietly in the corner*

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    • Sounds like you’ve been busy haha. The holidays are great and everything but then you come off that holiday high and you’re like “wow I have to go back to reality” and it throws everyone for a loop. I hope you get to spend a lot of time with your kiddos, though, because I’m sure they have tons of Christmas stories.

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      • The last four days have been very busy! And yeah it really does throw you for a loop when it’s like “doing nothing all day” and then it’s like “ALL THE THINGS!”

        I’ve been having a good time with my kids! Got to spend the entire day with just the boy today (post coming out tomorrow about him haha) and it was great.

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      • I wasn’t sure, so I looked at the school calendar online. Yes, spring break is in mid-April, but the interim isn’t so bad. There are a few days thrown in where (I’m pretty sure) I can get days off. When the students aren’t there, I don’t have to be. We’ll get MLK day in a few weeks, and then there is a parent/teacher conference day scheduled in February that says No Students. And then there is one “Professional Development” day in February and March that I think are non-student days, but I’m not 100% about that. I’ll have to ask my fellow counselors when we get back to work Monday.

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      • That doesn’t seem too bad. Having random days off here and there just helps break up the year. My mom used to work in a school, and she enjoyed having all of the school breaks and holidays off.

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  2. Last week was difficult to wake up in the morning. I feel like my body is still on vacation mode, It got so use to it. I totally relate to this post. I also forgot how to do some work stuff lol. I had to ask my co-workers dumb questions.

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    • Thank you ❤ Just a few unexpected things hit us sort of back to back. Hopefully the year will only go up from here.

      I feel so spoiled with my winter break but I loved it. It was a good way to end the year, considering I've never taken more than two days off in a row from work.

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