My Thoughts on Social Media

I’ve been on social media since the end of high school, about six years ago. I created my Twitter and Instagram accounts in 2012, and my 200ish followers on both accounts would probably make you think otherwise. Or what about the 239 friends I have on Facebook since I made my account my sophomore year of college.

I’m not friends with people on Facebook with people I don’t know. Maybe I lucked out of collecting hundreds of friends by jumping on the bandwagon late. As for Twitter and Instagram, I follow friends and people I know, plus athletes and sports teams. All of my followers are people I know in real life or people I know from the Internet—either from Tumblr back in the day or my blogging friends.

Safe to say I don’t have a big social media following, but I think I’d rather have quality instead of quantity. My life isn’t all that interesting. I mostly yell about sports on Twitter, and I post three to four pictures on Instagram a month, and that’s only if I’m doing something interesting.

I sometimes think about posting pictures on Instagram that aren’t of me doing random things—more quotes or pretty pictures—but I’ve fallen victim to posting pictures that I know will get likes. Yes, yes, it’s sad for me to admit, and I might check myself into some social media rehab somewhere. (Hopefully there are snacks.) I sometimes spend too much time in the explore tab looking at other people’s pictures, and I know that those are the best of the best pictures, because they do what I do—posting only the good pictures. I feel like I’m judgmental of my Instagram and hope to work on being less judgy with myself. (Any words of advice?)

For the new year, I’d like to be better with posting on social media. I don’t want to think so hard about it and spend time thinking of a caption. It shouldn’t be such a process. For my job, well, yeah, I have to spend a little more time on it as the posts reflect the university, but I want to be better with my own, especially my Instagram.

The blog is on the ‘gram, and I recently made a Twitter account—which I got locked out of for some reason and then had to verify I was a person. I update the Instagram account a few times a week, and I’m not sure yet how I’ll use the Twitter account. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a separate Twitter for the blog than just my personal one. Feel free to follow the blog on either platform if you’re not already.

So thoughts on how you use social media? Do you do it for fun, or have you fallen victim to only “doing it for the ‘gram”?


  1. I use twitter for my blog but it’s basically just a place for me to send my posts when they get published haha! Not much else goes on there. But I’m not trying to grow my blog through social media and become famous. I mean, I won’t resist it if it happens but I’m not holding my breath 😉 I have a personal Instagram and Facebook but I don’t use Facebook anymore. I used to have a blog Facebook but that was WAYYY too much work for me to keep it up.

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    • I think since each platform is kind of different, it takes a little time to figure out how to use each for a blog. I also have a Facebook page for my blog that was created when I switched my blog Instagram to a “business” profile but I don’t really use it, because I don’t personally use Facebook that much. I’d rather build a (very little) following on the platforms I use more.

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  2. I love Instagram. I pretty much use it to share anything I think is cute, fun, or meaningful. Or food hahaha. I usually try to make my blog related Instagram personal or have some sort of info in it. I think it’s fun to document the things I am doing. Sometimes I find myself wanting to do certain things so I can get a nice photo for Instagram, but I try not to do that.

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  3. As much as I love photography, I so rarely post anything to Instagram. I should do more. And I’ve thought about creating separate accounts for my blog, too. I do have a separate Facebook page for the blog. It might make sense to have another Twitter account specifically for that. Then again, I have a hard time coming up with clever tweets for my personal account. Imagine if I had to suddenly be twice as witty.

    Actually, I find myself saying hilarious things all the time, I just never share them on social media. I should really just start recording all my conversations, then posting all the gems I have later on. Pretty sure that’s how Mark Twain got famous.

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    • My personality and things I do are roughly the same between my personal and blog accounts, but I don’t think I’m 100% ready to share my blog with people on my personal accounts. A few of my friends know about it but for now, I’d like to keep them separate. (Although I follow blog friends on both of my personal and blog accounts.) I figure it can’t hurt having separate accounts, if anything, I have the username claimed for future use.

      Funny things can work on social media. You should start sharing them. And yeah, Mark Twain totally went viral on Twitter with all of his wisdom.

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  4. I find it easier to share my blog with people I don’t know in real life, even though everyone on Facebook knew about my blog and a lot of them told me they liked it. But after a while, I just felt like I was annoying them by constantly sharing a link.

    With Instagram, I feel like we all know how many likes a certain post will or will not get depending on what it is, the caption, and the time of day we post it. It’s hard not to wonder “Why did this post get 25 fewer likes than my last post” but that’s just the reality of stats and social media I guess.

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    • Instagram seems to be its own beast sometimes. Like you have to play the game in order to get any kind of likes on a post, mostly because of that algorithm they use. I do miss it being chronological. But they won’t listen to anything I have to say haha.


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