Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I’m honestly surprised I have time to even write this because I’ve been so busy the last few months. I’ve been meaning to write a post for a while, but I’m too busy writing papers for classes, which are kicking my butt this session. I’m about halfway through and will finish the two classes I’m currently taking in the middle of June.

At least I’ve been a good busy. I’ve gotten to do a bunch of cool things lately because of work, which is awesome.

I had my modeling debut the beginning of April when I appeared in an ad for one of my clients. My picture was also used on a direct mailing postcard, so my apologies to the parts of Western MA that were bombarded with my face. (I got an extra postcard, and my mom has it up on the fridge.)

One of my old clients is the local chamber of commerce, and one of my bosses and I went to the chamber’s annual Feast in the East event, where local restaurants can make their signature dish and the people in attendance can vote on their favorites. It was at a country club in Hampden, MA, and this picture is looking out over the golf course. Sometimes I forget how pretty Western MA can be.

The same boss and I attended the Western MA’s Ad Club’s creative awards, where local agencies could enter work they have done over the last year in different categories. It was in a cool little room in an old mill in Easthampton, and it was awesome to see all of the different work other agencies have done. Plus my boss knows I’ll attend events if there’s food.

The next few pictures are from a field trip to my newest client, a calamari supplier. Yeah, never thought I’d be doing marketing for a calamari supplier. They sell the calamari to distributors who then sell to restaurants across the country. They’re based out of Rhode Island and are literally on the water in Narragansett. We went down last Friday and got a tour of the facility and got see some of the boats that were in the dock. We also got to clean our own squids and try some of the calamari. (I’ve never had it before, so I said I’d try it because, well, they’re my client, and it wasn’t all that bad.)

This weekend I’m taking a five-day weekend, because, excluding holidays and snow days, the last time I took time off was in September. So I was due for some vacation time. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I figured why not make it a five-day weekend, especially with Memorial Day on Monday? I’m looking forward to not checking my work email for a few days.

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