2016 Year in Review

Last year I did a Year in Review for 2015, so I thought I’d continue the tradition for 2016!

I got to meet Buster Olney when he came to speak at my school. Since I have no friends who like baseball, I went by myself but ended up running into two guys who graduated last year that I’m friends with. It was awesome to meet someone I’ve watched countless times on TV and be able to introduce myself. He’s on the very short list of famous people I’ve met so far.

During senior year, I was on the E-Board for Mortar Board, the senior honor society at WNE. I ran the social media accounts and ordered t-shirts (honestly, I think those were the two things I learned how to do at school). This picture was from the induction ceremony where we inducted the next class. It was great to work with all of the seniors during our last year and get to know some that I didn’t know before!

We had our formal in the middle of April, and although it was my second one, it was still just as fun to go with my roommates. Shout out to Marshall’s for the $13 dress.

I’ve worked on Spring Event for three years at WNE, two years as an E-Board member. This year I worked as one of the tech crew members back stage and was able to meet Dan + Shay, who were the main performers. I also got to meet Sister C and Brothers Osborne, who were the openers. It was a long night (which I was used to from the previous years), but it’s always worth it.

We had Senior Week the week leading up to graduation, and one of our trips was to Boston. Two of my roommates and I snuck out of the comedy show to hit the bars, and I was able to capture this picture on the bridge near the seaport. Senior Week was probably the longest week of my life, but it’s something you just have to do.

For some reason WNE made me graduate. I wasn’t nervous at all to graduate, until I was next in line to walk across the stage. I was more worried about tripping or something, but thankfully I didn’t. My parents along with my godparents (my uncle and a long time family friend) came, and of course yelled when I walked across the stage.

One of the girls from the ice cream shop and one of my good friends, Val, took me to the outlets for my birthday. I can’t complain about a day of shopping, however, she did almost kill us and her sister on the Mass Pike (I’ll forgive her, though!)

During finals week in May, I went to visit everyone at my old internship and went for a bottle opener and left with a job instead. It was originally supposed to be part time but I got moved to full time the day before I was set to start. It’s been seven months now since I started, and it’s great. I love everyone I work with, and although it can be stressful, I like what I do (and I did finally get my bottle opener).

I trekked down to New Jersey with my friend Ben for our friend Shannon’s birthday in June. I hate driving on the highway, so he ended up driving us in my car. It was the furthest my car’s ever been, but I’m proud of the Blueberry for surviving. Some of our other friends from college were there, and it was great to see everyone. We had a nice dinner with her family and then we all went out to a bar in Hoboken. My favorite thing to do in the car was every time we hit a new town, I’d take a picture on Snapchat to see what the geo-filter was. It kept me entertained for the 6+ hour drive there and back (the plus is because we got lost in White Plains, NY getting gas).

Some of the girls from the ice cream shop and I did a paint night over the summer. We don’t get to hang out much together outside of work when we’re in season (because it’s hard for us to all take a day off), so it was nice we all had a Friday night off and got to do something.


In July I lost my best friend, my cat, and home girl, Mittens. She had stopped eating, so we took her to the vets and ended up bringing her to a 24/7 animal hospital. My parents went back the next day and found out she had the start of pancreatic cancer. She would have had to go through shots and everything, and it wouldn’t be good for her or us. It sucked when I came home from work and my parents had to tell me what happened. We got her cremated, and she’s with our other pets that we’ve had to put down over the years. I got a stuffed cat that looks just like her, and it sits on my bed, just like she used to.

In July, my mom, uncle, and myself traveled up to New Hampshire to visit my mom and uncle’s aunt. I hadn’t been up since the summer after my freshman year of college, so it was nice to catch up with everyone again. And hang out with their three dogs; above I’m pictured with Winnie, who is a corgi and adorable.

My dad’s old boss had a big get together in the end of July and the families were invited as well. It was cool to meet some of the people my dad used to work with, especially those I knew the names of but didn’t actually know them. His boss lived down the street from this lake, which we all walked down to during the afternoon.

My mom and I did a paint night together, and they seated us up in the front, which was okay except for the fact that we’re both pretty decent at painting and they kept holding ours up as examples.

I’ve known Stacey since the fifth grade (my mom and her dad actually went to high school together), and we normally get together a couple times a year since we’ve been away at school. She spent the summer in DC, so when she got back, we went to the outlets and got dinner and ice cream, too. I somehow managed to drop a lot of ice cream on myself, so you’d think for someone who works in ice cream, I’d be better about eating it.

This was my Pinterest inspired craft for the end of summer, and of course, I made my dogs sit in front of it when I took the picture.

In September, Val and I went on a spur of the moment trip down to Hartford to see Jason Aldean in concert. It was my first actual concert (I don’t count Spring Events), and I love Jason Aldean. A Thousand Horses and Thomas Rhett opened for him, and it was amazing. We left early to A. beat traffic, and B. we both had to be up early the next day (Monday) for work.
My boss at the ice cream shop got all of us two free tickets to the Big E this year. My parents and I hadn’t been since I was in middle school, so we took advantage of the opportunity. My dad and I both left work early on a Wednesday so we could get to West Springfield at a good time. It’s always awesome to go to the Big E, but I don’t think I’d go every year just because everything is pretty much the same. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun. Above is a picture of mac and cheese and pork from Bear’s BBQ and craft beer that’s made locally in Connecticut.

Stacey’s a fifth year senior, so I went down to CCSU to relive my college days now that I’m an adult. We went out for dinner before going out to the bar, which wasn’t far from her apartment.

Annual Becky picture with the tree. The farm we went to this year had just started selling their trees (they’re about five years old, so that’s why they’re smaller). It was a cute little family farm with a baby cow and complimentary hot chocolate, so I didn’t complain one bit.

Here’s to 2017!


  1. Sooooooo congrats on graduating and adorable cap!! And can I just say that I am super jealous you got to meet Dan+Shay!! 🙂 Anyway, great post!


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