When You Realize You’re An Adult

September marks my fourth month at my big girl job, and this entire summer has definitely been interesting (but in a good way, I think). When I was hired, two account managers were leaving, so it was just me and my co-worker handling roughly ~60 accounts. By August, I had over 40, and I was feeling overwhelmed. It was great that we were signing new clients, but we needed help. A new account manager started this week; he actually worked with us last summer, so it’s nice to have a familiar face back.

On Friday, my boss, my co-worker, our one man sales department, and myself were guest speakers in a Business Communication class at Western New England, actually one that I took my junior year (and how I ended up with my internship at EMG). It felt really weird to be back at WNE, but I was totally okay with not having to go to classes anymore.

My boss explained a brief history of the company and what we do, while the rest of us talked about our experiences as interns (since we all started as interns) and our experiences now as employees. Of course I lost my train of thought halfway through, and it was awkward. Thankfully my boss picked up where I left off (and was very surprised that I talked that much since I’m the quiet one of the group).

I never thought sitting in the Business Communication class I took my junior year that I would be coming back as a guest speaker. It was an incredibly humbling experience, and it makes me proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish.

I tried my best to look like an adult (or at least someone who knows what she’s doing). Although I was just mostly excited to finally wear my Marc Fisher boots.

The Alumni Relations office gave us gifts for coming to speak, since our sales guy and I both graduated from WNE. The bag is wicked nice, and I’ll be using it next weekend when I go back up for Alumni Weekend.

This week, I also found out that my co-worker got another job, and she’s leaving at the end of the month. I’m super sad that she’s leaving because it was just her and I all summer with the accounts and we’ve definitely gotten closer. She also just got married and bought a house, so she’s doing a lot more adult things than I am. She, our sales guy, and myself went out for drinks Thursday after work, at one of our client’s places (oddly enough).

This time last year, I didn’t think I’d be where I am now (well, I hoped I’d be back with EMG), and although some days can be rough, it’s the fun days that make everything worth it. I’m so grateful to have gotten a job before I graduated and work with such great people.

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