Who Let Me Adult?

This post has been in the works for the last few weeks as I’ve been settling into my new big girl job. For those of you who don’t know, it’s with the marketing group where I interned last summer. I had kept in contact with everyone there and went to visit this May during finals week and ended up leaving with a job.

One of the account managers that was there last summer was leaving to do more free lance work, so they wanted me to take her spot. It was part time, but of course I said yes. I had applied to about 20+ jobs, but secretly hoped I’d end up back there. And I did. Then the day before I was supposed to start, the VP called me and said another account manager was leaving and he was full time, so I’d be able to move up to full time. She called me at 8:30am and I was still half asleep in bed, but of course I said yes (again).

This marked my third week there, and below are some of the pictures of my desk and how I’ve decorated it!

They gave away the bottle openers at a trade show last summer, and I never got one, so when I went to visit during finals week, I went to get one but instead left with a job. So last week I asked the VP (who is literally amazing, like if I could grow up to be anyone, it’d be her) if I could get one.

I’m going to get business cards soon, so I had to have a head shot taken for those along with a picture for the website. We finally realized I didn’t have any when I had a meeting with a client on Thursday, but I had already been emailing him so it wasn’t too pressing. But it’s gonna be awesome to have my own professional cards. I know my mom definitely wants one.

Does this look like someone you’d trust your marketing with?

I’m still learning as I go along, and I have to learn to ask more questions if I need help, because I know everyone there will help me with anything I need. It’s such a great place, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity so soon after graduating.

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