Road Trippin’

This past weekend I went down to New Jersey for my friend, Shannon’s, birthday. It would mark my first time to Jersey, and the same for my car. I carpooled with my friend, Ben, and we were supposed to take his car but it wouldn’t have been able to make the three hour trip… so we took mine instead. The reason why I carpooled with him was because I haven’t driven that far before (by myself) and convinced him to drive me there. So since we were taking my car, he was going to drive me in my own car. Yeah.

I navigated us down 91 to Route 15 and then onto 287 in New York, over the Tappen Zee bridge, and down onto the Garden State Parkway. And we didn’t get lost.

We had dinner at The Tap House, and the food was really good. It was great to see Shannon again because she graduated a semester early and had a full time job during the spring, so I only saw her a few times.

There were five of us (including me) from school, and I hadn’t seen our other friends, Pete, Garrett, and Ana, in a while either. It was great to catch up with them and have some laughs. After dinner, we went out to a bar in Hoboken. We took the train out, and it was definitely different for me since I’ve only been on a train a few times.

Ben and I, and his ugly Hawaiian shirt

Pete, myself, and Ben

Me, Pete, and Shannon

The bar was awesome and better than my experience a few weeks ago at the club. It’s definitely better to go out in a big group, and I told Pete he would be my pretend boyfriend if needed (thankfully I didn’t need it). We took the last train out at 1:37am (waay past my bedtime), and I was crying because I was laughing so hard on the way back, so I’d say it was a good night.

I only got about four hours of sleep that night, so I couldn’t wait to get home and nap. Ben and I departed around 10:00am because Shannon was leaving shortly to go to a Yankees game with her best friend from home.

The drive back wasn’t too bad, but we did get a little lost getting gas, but we got it figured out. Ben dropped me off at my house around 1:00pm, and I was napping by 2:00pm. I was exhausted, but I had a great time with everyone. I think I could make the drive next time, but would want a passenger for company.

My next summer adventures return next month when I head down to the beach for my roommate’s (well former roommate) graduation party.


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