Hi! I’m Still Alive!

I feel so bad I’ve been away for almost a month! The end of senior year was super busy between the last week of classes, “finals” week (well, I didn’t have any), and then trying to survive senior week, plus graduation.

I had one of my best semesters GPA wise, and I finished my college career with a 3.75 (.05 short of summa cum laude). I had two final presentations/papers, both of which went well. It was a relief to finally be done with school – no more papers, presentations, projects. During finals week, I came home to run errands, like renewing my license so now I have a big girl one and hopefully won’t get weird looks when I go to the bar (my old license had my permit picture on it from when I was 16). That same day, I was offered a job (!).

I have a part time job with the marketing group where I interned last summer. I stopped in to visit and the vice president asked if I had found a job yet (no) and she said one of the account manager is leaving and they’d love to have me take over for her. I’ll be working with 10-12 local clients, and I’m excited and also nervous about starting. It’s nice because I already know how most things work, but it’ll be different to work directly with the clients. But I love everyone there, and I know they’ll help me get adjusted.

That also means I got to go out and buy big girl clothes!

Senior week was probably one of the longest weeks of my life, but it was fun. We went to Mohegan Sun, Boston, a local Chinese food restaurant, Dave & Buster’s, and Brownstone, which I skipped (it’s a quarry in Connecticut with swimming, kayaking, zip-lining, etc. that A. wasn’t even open for the season yet, and B. the water was going to be cold). I packed instead and officially moved out Friday after the faculty brunch in the dining hall.

Mohegan Sun
Boston trip
boston skyline
Boston skyline
boston seaport
Boston seaport by Jerry Remy’s
wine and beer tasting
After the wine and beer tasting

Graduation was Saturday at 2:00, and it was about 3 hours for 607 degrees. Thankfully it was inside, but sitting and standing during the ceremony got old quick.

grad cap
My graduation cap
grad kelly
My direct roommate, Kelly, and I
grad group
My uncle, me, my godmother, and my mom
mom and dad
My parents and I
grad signs
Signs my mom made and hung out front on our house
grad cake
The graduation cake a few of the girls at work made for me

I wasn’t nervous to graduate until I was in line to walk across the stage. The dean of student affairs was standing at the end of the stairs, and she could tell I was nervous; she said, “The last four years were the hard part. This is easy.” And it was.

Now that I’ve moved back home, I’ve been slowly unpacking, which isn’t fun. I donated about six trash bags full of clothes to a local organization so I could make room for the clothes I brought home from school. The rest of my stuff, like kitchen and desk stuff, is downstairs and at some point I have to sort through all of that.

My birthday was yesterday (22!), so one of the girls I work with offered to take me to the outlets since I haven’t been yet. Her sister joined us, and it was nice to have a girls day. We went to the Wrentham outlets, and it was huge.

val and i outlets

I got a necklace from G.H. Bass, a blouse and blazer from Banana Republic, a sweater from Tommy Hilfiger, a wristlet from Kate Spade, and a trio of cosmetic bags for my friend for her birthday. The biggest deal I got was the blazer; it was originally $120, but it was 70% off in the store and I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon, so I got it for $28. I had so much fun, and when I got home, my dad took my mom and I out for dinner since it’s her birthday, too (I was born a week late).

I have some more unpacking to do, and I have to try to organize my room so it’s somewhat liveable. It’s been nice to be home and hang out with my dogs (plus my mom cooks dinner and does my laundry for me). Once I get settled in, I’ll be writing more on here as my summer has officially started!


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