Formal Fun!

Friday was Senior formal for Western New England! I went last year, but this year was going to be fun because 1. I’m 21 now and can drink, and 2. I was going with my roommates. Res Life set up a Pre-Formal BBQ in the townhouses where I live around 12, and since it was so nice out, everyone was outside drinking and playing games. The school has something I call “The Drinking Fence,” which is a fence they put up around the townhouses so that we can mingle and walk around with drinks (it’s pretty much like corralling livestock).

My direct roommate and I started getting ready around 1:30, and I surprisingly did my own hair this year, pictured below:



Everyone started taking pictures around 4:30, and it was great for people watching and seeing all of the girls’ dresses. I got mine for $13 at Marshall’s, and I was super proud of it.


That’s a group picture of my apartment, and one of my roommates wasn’t going because there was a lacrosse game Saturday in Maine. She was excited to have the apartment to herself, watch game film, and then go to bed.


My direct roommate, Kelly, and I, who was my “date” for formal.


My roommate, Kathryn, and I; she went with her boyfriend, and Kelly and I sat with them at formal.



This is Clune (we call her by her last name), and she was our Mom for the night, but we let her take pictures with us.


From my Snapchat story.


From Clune’s Snapchat story. Mom loves us!

group 4 1

group 4

The four of us lived together last year and again this year. I never thought I’d have such great roommates.

We took school buses to the venue, which was about 10 minutes away. There was a short cocktail hour before we were let into the ballroom. Although we got fed late last year, the food was much better than it was this year, so I was kind of disappointed. It was fun to dance, but once slow songs came on, Kelly and I bolted from the dance floor. The two of us left around 10:30 when the buses started to run back to school. I was super excited to go back and sleep.

Overall, I had a lot of fun, but since I went last year, I knew what to expect: expensive drinks, songs I don’t know, and girls crying for no reason. At least it made for good people watching!


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