My Year in Review

2015 was quite a year for me, and I feel like I have touched upon some of the highlights over the course of the year on here. Well, here are some things I might have missed/just want to relive again!

I got to work on and put together a sold-out show for Gabriel Igelsias in April, and it was such a great experience. For days leading up to the show, the campus was so excited, and even afterwards, everyone was saying how it was the best Spring Event in their years at WNE. So when I see Fluffy on Comedy Central or the TODAY show, I like being able to say I’ve met him.

I was able to go to my 3rd Red Sox game ever this April thanks to free tickets that landed us behind home plate. Although the temperature dropped 30 degrees once we got inside Fenway (it went from about 70 to 46), I still had fun and left with a $40 fleece blanket. I definitely want to go back sometime soon!

I turned 21 on Memorial Day! My Mom said that all of the 21 stuff at PartyCity was tacky, so that’s why she got me the baseball themed banner that we customized with “21”. The second picture is the first ever drink I ordered; we went to TGI Friday’s for dinner.

I crossed into enemy territory this June when we went to a Yankees game. Thanks to Groupon, tickets were only $22 and the seats weren’t half bad. Before the game, we wandered around the city (well, just a few streets around Grand Central so we didn’t get too lost), and the first picture I took on the stairs of the public library. This game was the first sporting event I ever got beer at, so I was pretty excited.
I ventured back to my old stomping grounds when I interned for the Valley Blue Sox with Ben, a friend from school (and one of the few people I figured would go to a baseball game with me). I got hit with a foul ball, probably due to my poor choice in seats on the bleachers. Since I wasn’t serving the beer anymore, I used the one I got to ice my leg. Thankfully it didn’t bruise, but I had a good story to tell for the next week.

I took a trip down to southern Connecticut in July and got to experience the other end of the state. I befriended a few river otters, found a newfound love for wine (don’t knock it ’till you try it), and have dinner at the beach.

In August I was finally able to spend a day at the beach, thanks to my awesome roommate and her family’s beach house. It was a great day, until I realized I burned my butt. Needless to say, I was on the struggle bus the next day.

I added another zoo to my list in August when I went to the Forest Park Zoo. This is a cute bobcat that was my favorite animal.

I made it to all but one home football games this season, and the first home game was the 3rd annual Pynchon SAW game against Springfield College. It wasn’t as intense as last year’s game, but it’s great to know that the trophy is staying in the Bear’s Den.

I finished my sixth season of scooping in October, and this was my final chalkboard of the season before we closed. I think I’m pretty much stuck there for a while (well, I do have a key, soo), but I’ll take the free ice cream and venting sessions any day.

WNE football went undefeated this season, and it was great to have it end at home against one of our conference rivals. Not only did they finished undefeated, but they won their conference and clinched a playoff berth (they lost in the first round to Johns Hopkins). I’m happy for the team since I have friends that play, and I know it’s really good for the program and the school.

I’m glad I was able to go on these adventures this year. I plan on going back to Fenway and New York City soon and hopefully explore more of the state that I call home. I’m looking forward to what 2016 has in store for me and hope I can go on many more adventures!


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