During The Second Week of Break My True Love Gave To Me…

(My true love in this case would be my cat. Because she’s awesome and snuggles with me.)

This semester I lucked out and didn’t have any finals, so I was home a week earlier. I had a big 15 page paper due the last week of classes and a 10-12 page one due “sometime before Friday of finals week” (my professor is super behind on grading so he extended the due date). I still got it done by Monday just so I could email it to him and not have to worry about it anymore.

I’m waiting on just one grade to come in; I have 4/5 so far. And of course it’s the grade in the class where my professor is super behind. He’s actually my advisor, and he’s awesome, but he’s been behind on grading since I had him first semester freshman year for seminar. My sophomore year, I had him in the fall and spring, and in my fall class with him, Baseball and American Culture, we had a second paper that we never got back before the class ended in December. During my spring class, one day he walked in and threw a paper at me: it was my second paper from Baseball. At least it was graded. So I shouldn’t be surprised that I haven’t received grades/feedback for two papers and a final paper proposal for the class I just finished with him, Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Media. All grades have to be in by tomorrow, so fingers crossed something gets posted soon!

I’m glad this semester is over, but that means I only have one left until graduation. This semester went by wicked fast, faster than I thought it was going to. And that only means spring semester is going to go by so much faster. Eek.

The last four months or so were definitely challenging and interesting, but I survived them on my own. When it comes down to it, you’re really the only one that can help you up when you’re down. You know yourself the best, and you have to do what’s best for you.

That being said, I also wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my friends and family. And friends that are like family. Thanks for everything, guys: for listening to my stories, making me laugh when I needed it most, and helping me through a rough patch.


I’ve been home for a little over a week already, so I’ve taken plenty of naps, watched too many Hallmark movies, and snuggled with my cat daily. I’ve also made some Pinterest crafts, one of which is pictured below:

I have yet to wrap some of my gifts, so hopefully I can get to all of that before Friday. I have two appointments tomorrow, but other than that, no other plans so I shouldn’t have any excuses. Since I’ve been home, I’ve ran a few times on the treadmill downstairs; it’s better than running at school since they turned the heat on above the track and it would always feel like I was dying.

My uncle is coming up Thursday night for Christmas Eve dinner, and my mom has put me in charge of designing a cheese platter. Everyone loves cheese and wine, right? Christmas day we open presents here before going up to my grandparents’ house. This year, we’re having an unconventional dinner: lasagna. But I’m totally okay with that.

Hopefully I can post a little more since I’m home, and I might have some good news after the New Year’s in regards to a job (!), but I don’t want to say anything to jinx myself.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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